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Land of the Dinosaurs

Video photos of the Land of the Dinosaurs at the West Midlands Safari Park, UK.


Welt Vogel Park, Germany

A beautiful bird park in Germany. Exhibiting a variety of bird from around the world.


Hannover Zoo, Germany

Pictures from Hannover Zoo in Germany


A Day In Monaco 

A selection of photos showing a day in Monaco


What can i say about Saint Tropez?

What can i say about Saint Tropez? In one word... beautiful. Situated on the French Riviera...


Why you should watch Formula One in 2018

Formula One is one of the biggest motor racing sports in the world. Full of high-octane power, speed...


Living with an unusual food allergy - coconut!

It is rare to have an allergy to coconut and even more uncommon to have a tree nut and coconut...


West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park

A large self-drive safari park with 12 areas of animals which include; lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers and...


Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - Thomas and Terence Book Review

This is currently my 2 year old son's favourite book. He loves to sit down and read along with me. Telling...


Peppa Pig - Read Along Books Review

These books are great for young children when learning to read. They are also great little bedtime stories for you...


Places to visit near Paderborn

There are many places outside of Paderborn to visit after you have explored the city itself...


Why you should visit Paderborn in Germany

The beautiful city of Paderborn, sits in the Eastern North Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany. The city gets its name...


Life on a Paderborn river

Photos of animal life on a river in Paderborn, Germany.


The hitman diaries - book review

I have to admit, i liked this book. I found myself unable to put it down. One minute i liked...


The railway detective - book review

 The first in a series of a Victorian detective, Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck, with an interest in...


Apple tree yard - book review 

After watching the BBC ONE adaptation of the book Apple Tree Yard, i was somewhat curious to see how the...


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